Trade-In Protection

Protecting Tomorrow’s Trade-In Value, Today

Trade-In Protection provides financial assistance when you decide to trade.

National Auto Care’s

Trade-In Protection

Protect yourself from the cost of negative equity when you trade in your car at the dealership from which you originally purchased it.

Trade-In Protection

  • Benefit=Balance owed on loan less clean NADA trade-in value
  • Benefit timing options=2/3 or 1/2 of loan completed



Summary of

Features & Benefits*

Allows you to choose when you trade-in your vehicle for any reason and purchase another vehicle from the same dealership

Negative equity protection included with every qualifying vehicle

Pays up to $2,500 of negative equity on new & used vehicles

New and used vehicles


*Programs and coverages may vary by state/lender. Please refer to your contract for additional terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.


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